Let's Talk

by Noyz & Lancecape

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While good music creates a space to heal spiritually, the genre of hip-hop gives a voice to the voiceless- amplifying the voice that needs to be heard when so few are speaking up about important issues. Mental health is one of the most significant issues plaguing humans, especially for our youth. We think that it is time to discuss this and heal.


let's talk about it/
my scars are out and yet I walk the proudest/
I wrote this in remembrance of all the harsh encounters/
the times I felt as if the darkest cloud is all around us/
but was told it's only in my head and I was taught to doubt it/
internalized the discomfort, feeling defective/
depressed and deemed less than, so we repressed it/
see my reflection in faces that pass/
in all my uncles with addictions pouring pain in a glass/
in a lineage of loved ones with suicide attempts/
doesn't make them weak, it makes them human, and you are not exempt/
so I call us all together as a unified offense/
to extend a helping hand to stand with you inside the trench/
bent the rules on the isms, survivors and not victims/
'cause our existence is bigger than just a list of symptoms/
listen, we're not crazy, not weak and not violent/
not hiding, not still, not scared and not silent/
so let's talk


released February 10, 2017
Vocals by Noyz
Produced by Lancecape
Mixed by Evan Miles for Post Office Sound



all rights reserved


Noyz Brampton, Ontario

Noyz is an MC, producer & community organizer. He has performed at some of the largest music festivals in North America including SXSW, Canadian Music Week & Manifesto, and has had his music featured on platforms such as Huffington Post, Complex, Noisey, Team Backpack & BBC Radio. Noyz plays an active role in his community by engaging with youth through hip hop + mental health workshops. ... more

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