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The Shadow Gallery

by Noyz

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SHADOW GALLERY [Produced by Dusty Loops] It’s all been leading to this moment/ all that I was, I disowned it/ all that I am, I just honed it/ To spit poems with emotion, stripped down to my soul and exposed it/ Holding this pad, the pen is a conduit to infuse mind & matter and take it beyond music/ It’s all lucid, see all for what it’s worth when all the inner hurt gets lost within a verse/ Dissolved within a search for how it came to be/ I spit with hindsight so now it’s plain to see/ That we live with blind sight and how we frame the free are those that shine light when we’re afraid to see/ With fates interwoven, told that it was written/ and thought that it was spoken, most of us didn’t listen/ So I shifted focus, hoping this rendition goes a different road and closes this perdition/ So I script an opus, an each note is influence by the people I’ve need to keep close/ Perceiving is believing and feeding us deep hope when the reasoning for breathing is fleeting, so we cope The best way we can with our fate in the balance, because day to day people pray for a way they can manage/ Day to day we delay from surveying the damage, and find a way to escape, I purvey with a palate/ Let your mind be the canvas, the pen is the paintbrush/ the colors are the words and records collecting crate dust/ Makes us all artists, the shape of the picture is made by the hardships just the way we envision it/ The frame of the images, the language and penmanship came from the flame, there aint a label to fit it with/ I figure it out, scribble it out as I’m living it with lyrics that shout, shifting the route from predicaments To green pastures/ I speak chapters from the book of life, and it took a mic to see past the limitations we impose/ Flows draped in liberation, free the soul/ Scrolls laced with pain and agony, plus the chains that entangle me/ I learn to break free, and how I shape my reality is quite clear/ Life’s here, time to take it from the bassinet to the casket’s depths, it’s what you make it/
JEWEL THIEF [Produced by Povan Beats] You are now in tune to the sound of the brothers the system wishes to imprison with our colors/ With pictures we paint, designed for the mind’s eye like a flame lighting the canvas of the night sky/ Mic’s high, rebels against the mainstream, making rivers flow in reverse the way my brain schemes/ Same team, we just came with a sharper vision now the art has risen from the dark to give your heart the rhythm/ Spark the izm, but words take you higher than the herb you desire because we burn with a fire that’s eternal/ Inferno, lay it on the beat, so when we blaze them with a track, we’re just arranging their defeat/ Let ‘em know, son/ I dive in a stream of consciousness/ marching with the people walking with the feet of Spartacus/ Conquer over evil when I’m speaking to the God in us/ in triple darkness, I shine a beacon for the part of us Trapped in 6, blast with a wrath equipped to combat the wrath equipped to combat the wrath of master’s whip/ Put a fist in the sky like John Carlos and Tommy Smith/ spit hardnosed but it’s God body shit/ Polly with Povan Beats, T Dot to San Fran/ we rock the bandstand/ beat box and spray cans/ For MC’s and DJ’s, the elements/ beats break the sediment/ keep pace, irrelevance find you/ Shine jewels like Clarence the 13th/ America’s worst dream like terrorist search teams Coming for the head of the president/ I’m deading you devils with a heavier message when we present them with Art for the ears, thoughts that drop colors, for people scared to open their eyes like Scott Summers/ A team of spot rushers and sooth sayers, live in the booth, present the proof to battle the truth slayers/ New players came in the game, they’re unheard/ trying to obtain but never took time to observe/ And peak into reality/ I’m just a beautiful mind confusing the lines of genius and insanity/
RISE UP [Produced by DviousMindZ] [Verse 1] The hills have eyes, the walls have ears/ They’ve heard the screams and seen the tears we’ve spilled here through all the years/ All of the peers fallen from the police weapons, roam each section, hold heat, no peace bredren/ Roll deep stepping, repping in the murder lands of Kurdistan/ my vision is blurred, obscured by the serpent’s plan/ A nervous hand loads a clip in the rifle of Israeli weaponry to just continue the cycle/ With a daily recipe of disaster, mixed with a pinch of fear and love, the destiny after is not promised/ So called scholars talk knowledge, its hot air, they leave blocks scared, the top profit is gained from fear mongering/ Aim to steer all of them away, but the chains they’ve placed appear harder than Wolverine’s skeleton/ Full regime telling ‘em bullets are cream in this crooked dream that they’re selling ‘em/ [Chorus] One step, one flesh, one breath/ the unrest, some slept, some wept/ The sun set, still waiting for dawn to break, so we’re staring at the stars until God awakes/ Blood spilled from the arteries of women and men/ I’ve used it for the ink in my pen, now they’ve risen again/ So rise up, everybody rise up, rise up/ [Verse 2] I keep my ear to the ground, hear a thousand feet rumbling/ running around, thundering/ government crown tumbling/ Loving just how once again we tussle for change/ came because our struggles and pain are one and the same/ With the blood in our veins they drained on false promises/ taking a toll, playing roles of Gods and Goddesses/ Though they tried to divide us for their dominance, still we stand hand in hand, the autonomous/ A populous of Africans, Palestinians, back again, twisted in this vacuous system that they trap us in/ All my Sikhs and my Tamils in the labyrinth/ shatter through the mask so the revolution can begin/ The path to win is elusive and hard with bruising and scars and sutures due to Lucifer’s charge/ But removing us is futile because the movement is large/ Secure the power for the people so the future is ours/ [Chorus]
ALL OF ME featuring WISDOM CHILD [Produced by DviousMindZ] [Verse 1] I think I need another minute to breathe, watching the leaves twisting in the shift of the breeze/ and I freeze/ The images bleed, the sounds fade/ the unease, your spirit is free, the clouds gray, as your pain ceases/ My brain reaches for answers but cancels under the same weakness/ breaching the world we knew, Falling to fragments upon seeing you with eyes closed, calling you back in/ but you left in a casket full of rose petals So distressed, but basking your soul’s level/ revel in the light because life’s a sojourn/ but losing you is a slow burn, The globe turns even after you’ve left, we try to keep collected/ but the memories come back when I least expect it/ But since you’ve left, the family’s reconnected so I try to keep perspective, but can’t let go/ Holding on to these pictures, they’re fading fast, but our bond’s made to last as the ages pass/ [Chorus – Wisdom Child] I’m left here, stuck with all these tainted dreams/ Can’t you see you took all of me with you/ [Verse 2] As an infant, born oblivious in my innocence to the storm spinning since before I was living it/ Insidious faces, I write as I know it/ I was given the surface, I tried to go below it/ and though her eyes show it, her voice will never tell When she fell and lost grip, slipped into a cell with walls closing in, she holds to keep steady, but a small opening Explodes to breached levees/ Let the rain fall/ no shelter/ a young mother of two subdued by her elders/ Told to do whatever was asked of her/ feeling trapped under the mask to keep the past covered/ Saw her son rise, but it couldn’t prepare for all the pain and each prayer she put in the air like Hail Marys/ No time left, hoping the saints will receive her and open the gates, she’s growing faint/ Tried to bring her own closure from an over dosage of her medication, show’s over/ or so it seemed/ Maybe I dreamt it but I can still picture the medics trying to prevent it/ strengthened her faith and how she found God/ But it’s etched in her face, somehow it sounds odd to tell this story, knowing that a part of me was nearly lost forever, It would have taken all of me/ [Chorus]
DEFINITION featuring SIKH KNOWLEDGE [Produced by Sikh Knowledge] [Verse 1] It’s what we all search for, what we were birthed from, but still it hurts more, remember the first one/ Uttered the words, stunned/ fluttered, the birds sung/ a flood of colors when in love with her, the urge comes When I looked in her eyes, but now it faded, jaded when things changed and we couldn’t save it/ Put on a pedestal for all the wrong reasons, but so unforgettable to fall, all dreaming to be swept away/ Blinded by the silver lining of cloud 9, outshine diamonds/ Inside is where you find it, love your self first, but we look to it building our sense of self worth/ Observe and hear people living open, and my parents after 30 years, though they’ve never spoke it but they share it/ It’s real/ poets and singers try to capture it, but still, until you know it and live it, you’ll never fathom it/ [Chorus] Feet on the ground, what’s keeping us down?/ Seeking the ends of it, try breaching the bounds/ and now/ What it is, what it was, what it will be/ tearing these walls down so I can still see/ Head in the clouds, never stepping around any question or test where a lesson is found/ and now/ What it is, what it was, what it will be/ tearing these walls down so I can live free/ [Verse 2] Remove the scales from your eyes to balance your wants and needs/ But wants flee when told that there’s no option B/ so molds hold us, shoulders get pinned to the mat, Submissive we tap, hopes are thrown over/ replaced by scenes from dreams we’ve never seen, That cycle in black and white, the price of the appetite grows bigger/ a mixture of drive and ambition, And fear of failure when the mind demands different/ wishing upon a star, visioning long and far, through the night, And your sight is driven beyond the par, but despite every step you’ve taken to make it happen, Your success is just labeled as vacant action if stacks don’t measure/ The pressure is intense, so you put it on the back burner, and dwell in the expense, but only you can own it/ Success is what you call it when you focus on the goal and set the quest that you’ve accomplished/ [Chorus] [Verse 3] Reminded before the sun rises to take time to thank God for giving us life how he designed it, But sometimes in certain despair, when worse for wear, couldn’t find purpose just rehearsing my prayers/ Like I was just paying platitudes, people saying “what’s the matter dude? You need to change your attitude”/ So now I’m pondering consciously that something is wrong with me, but in all honesty I’ve sought the key/ With thoughts to free an answer when I pose a question, Like what’s the role of death and if we go through soul ascension/ So I’m a nomad with no direction with a notepad scrolling on God from here below the Heavens/ But still I hope that I can know his presence if he’s bestowing blessings even in the face of us that don’t accept him/ Maybe I’m just in a position where I’m limited, crazy trying to fit a definition on the infinite/
INTERLUDE [Produced by DviousMindZ] And we’re hoping we’ll change it, Staring through the smoke in amazement at the globe, eyes open but my focus is waving, Between life and death when holding these pages/ spitting my truth spoken as a Broca’s aphasic/ Slipping the noose off my neck, plot the next line designed in time when the thoughts connect/ Architect of the bars when my thoughts inspect the darkness that resides and I’ve lost my breath/ But now I’ve resurfaced/ Seek purpose and I found it, to bleed verses and keep certain on the ground that’s beneath me/ To speak free and never hold it in/ hold the pen, go within deeply, the flow begins to make sense of it all, When the sentences fall in place, shaped the mental, I scrawl these last words on the paper, Laid in the rhythm, I made my foundation with patience and wisdom/
REVOLUTION [Produced by Sikh Knowledge] [Verse 1] I see it when I look in your eyes, go inside, feel something I could never describe/ The place where forever resides, where the Heavens collide, was once left with my head to the skies/ I was told that it only came to those few, never living in the physical form, it wont do/ Because living in the pit of the storm, it holds true that I only found peace the minute I found you/ So find your own Heaven because it’s here now/ seeing the beauty in the picture and its clear now/ Letting my fears drown out to the sound of the music, what I found had moved so elusive/ Revolution of the mind in due time, with an evolution of the paradigm we shine/ Climb to my own elevation with no hesitation, letting go, my soul’s revelation/ [Chorus] We all roll strong but the road’s so long, we hold on, hope the soul goes on/ But as it passes to the next dimension, next ascension, blessed with the glow of the dawn/ But I’m still here, it’s so clear, know it’s time for change/ trying to shape what the mind became/ A fight through the pain, A light through the rain will shine and right where it meets is full circle, make the cipher complete/ [Verse 2] I’m tired of running, tired of becoming what they expected/ feeling destined for more, but apprehensive/ I’ve stepped to the door before, but never entered/ testing my will to soar, knowing I’m blessed with The wings that I’ve earned, but still never learned to fly, scared to try, so I build to adjourn, And tear everything that was holding me back, knowing that fact that I need to travel on my own path/ Find my own way, what I wont say, I write down to show you where my hope lays/ So in between the bars I give more insight to my dreams, I die and live for A revolution of the mind in due time, with an evolution of the paradigm we shine/ Climb to my own elevation with no reservations, letting go, my soul’s revelation/ [Chorus] [Verse 3] This moment, do we hold it or do we let it pass?/ feeling awoken, I wrote out my epitaph, For my old self, I chose that he could never last/ placed roses, memories of a severed past/ Scattered ashes all over the canvas/ the madness and passion clash over the pad with a chance at redemption/ Try to make right for the wrongs that I’ve been living under dead lights/ Songs that I’ve been singing never were heard until I found my voice and then I found my words/ And each one rings like a cry of rebellion, seldom to we speak it, I’m reaching to tell them/ A revolution of the mind in due time is an evolution of the paradigm we shine/ Climb to my own elevation destiny is waiting letting go, my soul’s revelation/


released November 1, 2010


all rights reserved



Noyz Brampton, Ontario

Noyz is an MC, author, producer & community organizer. He has performed on stages at major festivals including SXSW & TIFF, and has had his music featured on platforms such as Vice, DJ Booth, Huffington Post, & Complex. Noyz plays an active role in his community by engaging with youth through hip hop + mental health workshops. ... more

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