by Noyz

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released March 16, 2014



all rights reserved


Noyz Brampton, Ontario

Noyz is an MC, producer & community organizer. He has performed at some of the largest music festivals in North America including SXSW, Canadian Music Week & Manifesto, and has had his music featured on platforms such as Huffington Post, Complex, Noisey, Team Backpack & BBC Radio. Noyz plays an active role in his community by engaging with youth through hip hop + mental health workshops. ... more

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Track Name: Moving On (produced by L.Ment)
If you want me to stay
I will love you my way

[Verse 1]
She said I got to leave here,
been 3 years of this nonsense
this conflict is tearing at me, wearing on my conscience
like, we do this often
you holler you'll apologize
I know it's hollow, but still I follow and I'll oblige
your lies are see through,
we redo this fight every night in front of our seed to
but still I feel I need you
speak to my homies, they ask why I won't just end it
I tell them they'll never know your stresses,
getting so defensive, codependent
still trying to get the broken mended
hope descended under weight of mistakes and we're both offenders
I'd take your pain and make it mine
told me I was the cause of it and that would make me blind
more than the arguments, you laid hands on me in front of our daughter
my worst fear is that she'll grow to tolerate it because of what we taught her
and find love in men who act the same as her father
and do her wrong
so for that reason, I'm moving on


[Verse 2]
I said I got to leave here, finally see clear
that moment of clarity when I'm wary to feed fear
but still it seems weird starting over
I've gotten older,
was so familiar to feel you would put a lot on my shoulders
I'd struggle under the weight of it
had me seeing life like there were no colours or shade in it
like if the love had faded
it was only you, slowly you would make it worse
had me crawling back in to the place that's so safe it hurts
let it shape my worth so I'd never be enough
but through every break down is a moment to reconstruct
pick the pieces up,
put it back together as I develop a deeper trust
doing it for self, no more keeping us
hard to readjust, but I'm learning how
had to burn it down just so there was no returning now
but you still linger, true to form
thoughts of battling self through this depression
at present, I'm moving on